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I am deeply impressed by this new electronic product. The three screens work independently. I can watch a movie while paying attention to the stock market trend, and even read the news. It’s great. Such a convenient Tri-screen Pro, let me say goodbye to traditional computer work.

Fantastic, fast shipping, nice looking, handy for our users who need Tri-screen!

I have to say that Tri-Screen Pro facilitates my life and work and saves me a lot of time.

Great, I finally found a Tri-screen suitable for 17-inch laptops, and it has a size of 13.3 inches, which can present a better view.

This screen extender is awesome! First off, it feels nicely made and doesn't feel cheap. Despite how it looks, it's very easy to setup and use. When in use, it works extremely well and I really like the overall screen quality. It does use a good bit of space but when not in use, it packs up very nicely into a much more manageable situation. Because of this, it is very portable and easy for me to take with me on the go. I take this with me every time I travel and it has come in handy quite a few times. I use it for work and play. For on the go gaming, this is the next best thing to having a larger curved display with me (which isn't practical). All things considered, I really like this triple display setup and is well worth it price wise. After having something like this, I don't think I can really go back to a "non triple" display setup.

The product worked exactly as planned. It’s design is very modern and sleek making it very attractive for the naked eye. The compatibility with my MacBook Pro showed no issue as it served its purpose flawlessly. Overall, highly recommended for anyone who needs to work abroad and is always on the go.

Perfect solution for a video editor I own a Macbook Pro 2015, my main task for it is a video editing and running multiple tabs consisting of chrome and Adobe Premier. I was looking for a cheap alternative for multiple monitors set up and this neat little product fit the bill perfectly. The instruction came and it was very easy to understand the difference between the two plugs. My Macbook got no type C USB so I used the two Type-A connectors. Very thoughtful of the manufacturer to include the appropriate driver for the different versions of Mac OS. Set up was a breeze and it took me less than 5 minutes. The whole thing is mainly composed of plastic, I recommend treating it with care and you will have a long-lasting product. The soft plastic claws that go onto the side of the monitor are sturdy as heck. The kickstand that comes with ensuring the stability of the whole thing to make sure your laptop screen would not fall apart. For all of the reasons above, I give this product a 5 stars rating.

This portable monitor is exactly what I need for my work while I am traveling. A lot of times I need an extended monitor to do my daily job efficiently. It has become a headache when I have to travel or sometimes work in the car because it is impossible for me to carry a big monitor everywhere. But with this portable triple monitor, I can work everywhere. This product also comes with a very pretty bag to protect the monitor. I can just keep this monitor in my backpack and take it with me wherever I go. Even when I am working from home, I can easily update my working station into a 3-screen working space, which improves my work productivity so much. I can arrange many spreadsheets, charts and tables into different screens at the same time and don't need to switch them over and over again. Another feature I feel so useful is that I can turn the monitors into different angles to share my screens easily with others. Let's say I am having a meeting with coworkers for a presentation, sometimes they need to come to my side to see what is shown on my screen. With this triple screen, I can turn the mirrored screens to different angles to them and they can see exactly what I see on the main screen. I have been thinking of buying a portable monitor so long and finally I find this one. It turns out to be an amazing product and helps me so much to improve my productivity. I love it so much.

This is a VERY cost effective way to have three screens and save space doing it at the same time. It's a great set up to work with especially on the run. Simply fold it up and go. I feel like I'm working in the war room at the white house, LOL! I absolutely love how easy it was to set up and continue using daily. Get one, you won't regret it!

I like everything, I use it for business.

I work from home and have two extra monitors on my desk. I love to go outside and work or travel and work. This makes it possible to work just like I do at my desk. I love this product!

Not only do I like this, but my colleagues have been buying this too. It is so convenient to use and the efficiency has improved a lot!

The extra screens make it so easy to track data for my business. It is great to be able to have several programs open full screen so that I can see the whole page. The mouse easily moves from screen to screen.

My wife bought it for me as a New Year's gift and it was received on time. These extended monitors are life saver for me! I work in a transpiration company as a dispatcher, I usually have 2-3 different files and web pages open at the same time, I always got confused by different excel files. With the Tropire Tri-Screen Pro I can easily copy and paste from one file to another. Two extra monitors support me to compare different data without click those files over and over again.

This is a great screen splitter, specially for students, I a professional school students and constantly either writing papers or studying for exams. Having a couple extra screens which one screen having my paper and the others having my references makes it very easy and quick process. The monitor uses very little space in my backpack and it allows for easy transportation and rapid dismantling; I can get it into my backpack in seconds. The screens are very clear and bright making it easy on your eyes during those long days in the library. I really recommend it.

This monitor made working from home so much better. I can work anywhere in my house or even outside when it is nice out. I can easily remove it when I go into the office and it was very easy to set up. I definitely recommend.

I work in a law firm and in my daily work I attend many meetings and usually, I have to manage much information that I keep in different files. This tri-screens has made my job a lot easier! I can carry it everywhere and it is very easy to adapt to my laptop. Not heavy at all y super handy. It was a great purchase!

This makes working remotely much more convenient for me! It also comes with a nice little bag to store it in when not being used. I would recommend this product for anyone who works remotely and would benefit from having multiple screens.

The monitor are suit to my need for presentation to my client. Simple to install at my lapyop lenovo X380 yoga. I just use a single USB-C, both monitor work perfectly.

These screens are super easy to set up and or put away. I love these screens they have given me more feeedon to work remote as I need 3 screens to function, so even tho I am remote I always had to work from home or somewhere I could dock to additional screens. With these screens I can go anywhere and work without a problem. You will not be disappointed, the cost is steep but worth every penny!

Great Product! This portable 2 set monitor has been a lifesaver in my line of work! Love that I can take it with me when traveling, or when I go to the office to work! Would highly recommend this to anyone who needs extra monitors on the go!!!!

The Tropire Tri-Screen Pro absolutely exceeded my expectations. It's a great screen to work from home with and just what I was looking for. It was packaged very well and came with a case to keep it scratch free. Would definitely recommend for anyone needed an additional monitor for work.

I’ve been looking for a portable monitor for my laptop to help me stay productive while traveling for work. I gave this double monitor a try and have been very happy about it. The set up is simple and the resolution is really good. You can work on your laptop screen while having visibility to email and another application in the adjacent screens. Everyone ask me where I bought it.

I am working remote while I recover from surgery. I have 3 screens at work so going down to one was hard. This is perfect for my needs. The screen is a great size and works very easily. Highly recommend!

I've been using product for about 3 weeks and it has improved my work area making use of space much more efficient. Also, I'm on Zoom/MSTeams calls all day and having access to two monitors while a third monitor is dedicated to the camera and meeting is huge improvement in my approach to getting things done. I'm much more productive. Screen display is clear and provide much detail, but not as much detail as MacBook screen.