Tropire tri-screen



We are offering FREE shipping to our customers. All of our shipments will be delivered door-to-door by a local UPS, FedEx, or DHL delivery service.
After the customer places the order, we will pack the product and transfer it to a courier company, which will deliver the product to the customer within 6-9 business days.
The exact shipping time may vary depending on the country or region we are shipping to. In some rare instances, we might not be able to reach certain places.


Customer Support Email:


  • Invalid information provided by the Customer when placing an order may result in a delay in the processing of the order. we will not be held liable for any delays caused by the Customer.
  • The customer is solely responsible for any custom duties and various taxes for the shipment of a product.

Maximize Life's Possibilities with Tropire


Through the independent work of the three screens, I finally don’t need to switch back and forth, causing the inspiration to disappear. I can immediately draw whatever I think of, and my work efficiency is greatly improved.


During the meeting, different pages displayed on the Tri-screen can be placed at multiple angles, allowing everyone to have an immersive meeting.


Three screens allow me to keep track of important financial information and analysis, but it also gives me the freedom to organize the data in the way that is most useful to me. Improve my efficiency and creativity.