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Tropire is a manufacturer and sells Tri-Screen company focused on developing modern, easy-to-use, and versatile screen display equipment. We are focused on building sophisticated technological products to make our customers' lives easier.



Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority at Tropire, and we promote convenience in all ramifications. We support our customers with all necessary assistance to make their experience with us stress-free and very easy. Our customer service works earnestly to make sure all questions are answered to detail with friendliness and warmth.

We provide support through the whole process, from surfing our website to discovering our Tri-Screen products to after-sales care.



If you have any issue regarding the purchase process directly from our website, connect with any sales agent for guidance. Our friendly customer service will see you through the whole process and make sure the purchase is made with ease. We are here to make your experience exceptional.



Ever purchased our Tri-Screen and need assistance with setup or operating it? You can always count on us. We will assist you in scaling through the whole process, no matter what the issue is. We provide solutions always.



Making returns made easy! Purchased a product and would love to return it for specified reasons; we will guide you through it. We assist and ensure the product is returned to the appropriate quarters. We will cross all the hurdles together and get a replacement or refund if need be.

Do you need help with anything else? From purchase to after-sales services? Be sure we will always be with you along the way. We are always available to help you out.

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Maximize Life's Possibilities with Tropire


Through the independent work of the three screens, I finally don’t need to switch back and forth, causing the inspiration to disappear. I can immediately draw whatever I think of, and my work efficiency is greatly improved.


During the meeting, different pages displayed on the Tri-screen can be placed at multiple angles, allowing everyone to have an immersive meeting.


Three screens allow me to keep track of important financial information and analysis, but it also gives me the freedom to organize the data in the way that is most useful to me. Improve my efficiency and creativity.