Tropire tri-screen

How Do I connect my Tropire tri-screen to my laptop

triple monitor



Step 1 : Remeasure Your Laptop Actual Size

If your laptop is 13-16" and also within the following size range of length, thickness and height, you can use and install our monitor. Otherwise your laptop doesn't fit our monitor.




Step 2: Idenitfy Your Laptop Ports

Our 12 inch attachable triple monitor only support Type-C and HDMI ports.

Please identify your laptop ports to find the right connecting method to the triple monitor in the next step.

Notice: If your laptop use latest chip M1, then you need to use the Tropire Adaptor. But we support M1 Pro and M1 Max chip Directly!

Step 3:Find the Right Connection Methods

1) Type-C/Thunderbolt-3 Ports Connection (support power & data tranmission)

Use included Type-C cords to connect the monitor.

2) HDMI Port Connection

Use included HDMI cords and connect power supply to use the monitor.

3) Other Video Port Connection (Need Power Supply)

Maximize Life's Possibilities with Tropire


Through the independent work of the three screens, I finally don’t need to switch back and forth, causing the inspiration to disappear. I can immediately draw whatever I think of, and my work efficiency is greatly improved.


During the meeting, different pages displayed on the Tri-screen can be placed at multiple angles, allowing everyone to have an immersive meeting.


Three screens allow me to keep track of important financial information and analysis, but it also gives me the freedom to organize the data in the way that is most useful to me. Improve my efficiency and creativity.